Whole30 Approved {Personal} Frittata

When I spotted this cute little cast iron skillet in an antique store in west Texas I knew I had to have it. I pictured some little old lady whipping up eggs for her kids and grandkids using it. And my next thought was; FRITTATA. I have a couple of cast iron skillets now but none were small enough to make a one serving frittata. This one I just the right size. And at $7 it was the right price. I brought it home, cleaned it up, and seasoned it and now it makes the yummiest eggs. {Here’s one that’s the same size.} This has been my go-to breakfast lately because I can whip this up quickly and while it’s cooking I can put together my lunch for work. It’s a win-win!

This recipe is super versatile. I always use whatever potatoes {Sweet, Russet, Red} I have on hand, whatever veggies or peppers we’ve got and whatever toppings sound good. Play around the different combinations!

I hope you guys enjoy this recipe! If you make it and post a photo to Instagram tag me! Tag me in your actual photo and use the hashtag #EmilyEatsRealFoodRecipe. I love seeing the creations you come up with from my recipes.

Whole30 Approved Frittata
  • Generous Drizzle of Avocado Oil
  • ½ Cup of Cubed or Spiral Cut Potato- Sweet, Russet, or Red all work {chop small, they'll cook faster}
  • ½ Cup of Green Veggies chopped small- broccoli, asparagus, spinach, cabbage, ANYTHING!
  • Sprinkle of House Seasoning
  • 2-3 Eggs
  • Avocado, Green Onion, Salsa, Franks RedHot... Whatever you want to top yours with!
  1. Crack eggs into a small bowl, whisk and set aside.
  2. Heat oil in small cast iron skillet over medium-high heat.
  3. Add potatoes, seasoning and any dense veggies {leave out spinach if you're using it} and cook until soft, stirring often.
  4. Once potatoes and veggies are soft, add spinach and toss. It will cook in less than a minute.
  5. Reduce heat to medium.
  6. Pour whisked eggs over veggie mixture and use a spoon to spread mixture until it covers the pan evenly.
  7. Quickly cover with a lid to trap heat in. {Any ol lid will work. Cast iron skillets don't usually come with lids.}
  8. Keep the lid on for a few minutes checking periodically to see if eggs are set.
  9. Once the eggs are no longer jiggly and runny they're done!
  10. Top with your favorite toppings!
  11. Enjoy!


Here are a few tools I use to make this yummy frittata:: Small Cast Iron Skillet, Avocado Oil. Like my silverware? This one is similar. I use THIS spiralizer. It seems to be more user friendly and easier to clean than others out there.

Enjoy your frittata!!

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