Whole foods changed my life.

Once I got used to the feeling of eating (mostly) clean foods I chose to stay away from the stuff that made me feel awful. Before my first round of Whole30 I battled heartburn, brain fogginess, seasonal allergies, 40 pounds too many and just a general feeling of blah-ness. I was a grumpy wife and mommy and didn’t have much drive to do anything that took too much energy.

I heard about the Whole30 program and dove in head first the very next day. I was unprepared (I still don’t meal prep much) and ate the same thing over and over again for the first few days until it was in the budget to go grocery shopping again. Lots of tuna + cilantro + chopped avocado + lime juice. That taste combination still takes me back to that first week. If only I had known how real food was going to change my life.

I completed four rounds of Whole30 and while I lost weight on each round (40 lbs total) it wasn’t until I was in the middle of the fourth round that I saw major psychological changes. I’m a slow learner. I could tell that it was becoming natural for my body to crave healthy, whole foods over the junky stuff. I took a weekend to a full week off between each round. My hubby looked at me on the last day of round one and asked what I’d be eating the next day and I answered- I want a glass of red wine and a beans. But not together. Ha! I just knew I’d miss dairy the most but after completely eliminating it, I”m very sure it was the cause of a whole lot of problems for me. Since finishing my last round (July of 2015) I’ve enjoyed finding a balance in my eating. Do I eat Whole30 approved foods every day, for every meal? NO WAY. It’s a 30 day program- meant to last for 30 days. I want my girls to see a healthy, balanced mom. So, that means we eat whole30 approved dinners most nights and go out for  the occasional pizza on the weekends.

Balance is so good.