Overwhelmed? Intimidated? Don’t be.

When I first started working out I got easily overwhelmed with the idea of the “perfect” workout. It stressed me out trying to figure out what areas I should work out and how often. I quickly learned that {for me} the key to working out is this: MOVE…. move my body, get my heart rate up, SWEAT and feel stronger at the end. I started with two apps called Sworkit and 7 Minute Workout. These apps made it very simple for me. They allow you to set the amount of time you want to workout {10 minutes was about all I could handle at first} and the area you want to work- abs, upper body, lower body, total body, etc. If you’re looking to get into shape, HIIT training is a fantastic place to start.

Since starting this journey I’ve learned that I really love to workout at a gym- even if my workouts can easily be done at home. There’s no laundry to fold, no dishes to be washed, and no mom duties that need to be done at the gym. I have a membership at Anytime Fitness {they don’t pay me to talk about them, although I’d love that! HA! They don’t know I exist.} and I really love this gym because it’s a stone’s throw from my house. I can be in their doors in about 6 minutes after pulling out of my driveway. This is super important to me right now. I know that if I had a membership at the bigger fancier gym across town, I would probably use the fact that it’s too far as an excuse not to go. There’s NO excuse in the world for a 6 minute drive. Everyone who’s a member at Anytime Fitness has a key so there’s no check in and the parking lots are small. So, no rat race! I may get to the point to where I would enjoy the occasional group class or pool, but for now, this works. I hope you’re able to find what works for you.

Usually, my family doesn’t see me workout. I choose to workout super early in the morning, before they wake up, because; mom guilt. No one needs me from 5-6 am. I get asked often- HOW do you wake up so early to run/workout?? And I want to ask- how do you not?! How do you make your workouts a priority during the day? I’d really love to hear your tips! Because I haven’t been able to figure that one out. I work Monday-Thursday all day, so I know I can’t workout during the day on these days. Early morning workouts work for me.  I know I can be all-in with a workout or run if my family is either asleep or if they’re all completely taken care of {like at school or working}. BUT! Today my family got a good glimpse of what momma looks like when she’s working out and it was so good for my kids to see me working hard, taking care of the body God has loaned to me… even if they were snickering at my heavy breathing and DRIPPING sweat. Heh. My youngest even rolled out our second yoga mat, grabbed our smallest weights and put on her own {matching!} workout clothes. BE STILL MY HEART.

So, even though I was overwhelmed at the idea of the Perfect Workout {whatever that is} I hope you aren’t. I’ve started posting workout ideas on my Pinterest page. You can find my page HERE. This is exactly how I build my workouts now. There’s nothing magical about them. I don’t use a trainer but I do my research before trying them to make sure I’m doing them correctly. Gyms always have mirrors so I find one to work out in front of. This way I’m always able to check my form. I’ll continue to post workout ideas on my Pinterest page. I hope you’ll join me!

Here’s a rundown of what I did today:

Sumo Squat {with weight}
Back Lunges w/Step {high knee}
Glute Side Shuffle- with band 

Parallel Squat {heavy dumbbell}
Split Squat
Good Mornings {except I hold the weight on my chest}

Inner Thigh Leg Lift
Plie Wall Sit {45 seconds}
Cossack Squats {I can’t go very low on these, but I love them!}

Dumbbell Side Bend
Down Dog Split Knee
Heel Touches

Flutter Kicks
Side Plank {both sides}
In & Out {knees up and bent}
Dumbbell Twist

This took me a little over an hour, total, to do each set three times through {then move to the next set}. It can easily be adjusted. If you try these moves tag me in your photos! I’d love to hear what you think! And, I’d love to hear what your favorite lower body/ab workouts are… I learn so much from you guys!!

These are the bands that I use.

Here’s the watch I wear all of the time, and these are the replaceable bands that I have.

I am an affiliate for a few of these companies but use the items personally and enjoy them. (I’ll never post about a product unless I use it personally and like it.) If you click on any link I post, at no additional cost to you, I earn a small commission if you make a purchase. Thank you for supporting this little blog in that way. I’m grateful.

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